As a youth the 178 pound boy found joy in dancing ballet and sucking Brandon's dick With his cousin Eugine.


In 1893 at age 16 Mr. phelps attended Fredricksburg University Campsville Kentucky (F.U.C.K.). Apon droping out that PUSSY found a job at a local ice cream shop. But got fired after eating all of the dick flavored ice cream. Now unemployed and living with Eugine.They enjoy old activities like ballat and sucking dick. He was forced to work at the neighboring school. After his loss of Eugine (prison) he was sad. Eugine was taken to prison for not registering as a sexual predator.

Relationship with BenEdit

He often bragged to his co employes about beig fucked by a "Real Man"

First Heart AttackEdit

After a segway ride through the park Tom met his significant other, David Day. As they sat down Tom went into cardiac arrest. The ambulance ride was fine until he lost conciosness and went into a week long coma. Upon escape, his therapy consisted with activities such as weight lifting, jogs, and sucking dick, the last of which was what he enjoyed the most.

Leave from the schoolsEdit

After his run of bad luck
Ronalds pimp hand
Tom decided to turn to photography where he took pictures of people at his favorite resturaunts ------------------------------------------------------->>>, and many self portraits.
He sold many of these photos in order to pay for his insane food bills. But even after selling many pictures for thousands of dollars the food bill were still not paid for.

Internet RelationshipsEdit

In the summer of 2006 Phelps tried his luck with the world of internet dating but found nothing but overweight men, and women, neither of which he was interested in. He was much more interested in apes considering he was one himself.


A little known Fact is that Mr. Phelps has been arrested twice for public nudity and child pornography, but the arrest never held him back from getting jobs with many schoold districts.

Another Fact:

When not sucking the fattest one he can, Tom Phelps can be found listening to straight up hood jamz by his favorite music artist, Tyler the Creator. His favorite song is Yonkers. Tom also enjoys masturbating to any of OFWGKTA's (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) songs.